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Driveway Dumpsters is fully licensed and insured.

Dumpster Rental Safety:

Prohibited Items:

We can not accept any hazardous or contaminated waste. 

We also do not accept the following items: liquid waste of any kind, tires, batteries, animal carcasses, propane tanks, paint (unless completely dried out), drums or sealed containers, equipment containing gas or oil, liquid solvents, fertilizer, freon, or other chemicals.

If you have a question regarding any item you wish to dispose of, please contact us before loading it into your dumpster rental.

Safety is a big concern in dumpster rental. Dumpsters are large, heavy,steel boxes, and when loaded- become even more dangerous. The easiest way to ensure the safety of everyone involved in your dumpster rental is to stay aware.

Know what can and cannot be loaded into your dumpster. (See Below)

Pay attention to the warning labels and stickers posted on the dumpster.

Do not overload your dumpster. Objects above the edge of the dumpster make it unsafe to transport.

We know you can't weigh your dumpster, but knowing the contents and their weight will allow us to have a better estimate of the total weight. Do not overfill the dumpster. An overweight dumpster is also unsafe to transport.

Load the dumpster as evenly as possible to distribute weight.

Do not climb on top of debris in attempt to compact it.

If working with others, be aware of their location at all times.

Throwing items into a dumpster when another person is inside could result in serious injury.

Keep a clean work area.

The dumpster has been properly placed and safely positioned by a professional.